Social Media

We can help boost your social media presence by creating a fully integrated social network for your website. A healthy, active social network can really boost your search engine rankings thus increasing traffic to your site.

We can set up a blog for you to share content online. A well-informed, constantly updated and relevant blog is a great way of boosting your search engine rankings and generating traffic towards your site and is one of the first things we recommend when devising a social media strategy.

The blog can be hosted on a blogging platform like WordPress or Tumblr or can be installed directly on to your website as an added feature of the site.

Once the social media network has been established it’s about getting followers, generating good quality content and really interacting with your followers. This is all about creating awareness of your brand.

We can devise and look after a social media campaign for you or we can simply create the network, give a tutorial on the ins and outs of sharing content through the various platforms and leaving you to your own devices.

We can also create high-quality video content if you are looking to produce visual content about your brand/product/service. We then upload it to video sharing websites like Vimeo or YouTube where the videos can later be shared within your social network and also embedded on to your website.

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